Take a tour !

If you’re new to town or would like some help finding your way around Ohrid and its surroundings, don’t hesitate to call !
Come away with me !


Knowing Macedonia means knowing the mentality and culture of the people. If you know the language and the customes of the land it can help. Therefore the best way to travel through Macedonia is with a local tour guide. Touring Macedonia with a guide will give you something that you will not find in a Macedonian guide book.

Why hire a guide?
A guide can take you to places that you would never even know about and point out things that you would never notice. Using a guide is the best use of your time and will make everything much easier for you during your journey.

My name is Betty and I’m a professional, licensed tour guide from Ohrid. Since I’m coming from an artistic family this job allows me to combine my love for arts and history in one great pleasure.


It will be a pleasure getting to know you, let me be your “guiding light”!

You can contact me on the following e-mail : ohridtravel@gmail.com

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